A serial f*ck up.

Failing forward one step at a time.

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Ajay Prakash. Serial Entrepreneur.


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I love educating about topics involving entrepreneurship, deep tech and career building. If any of these interest you, definitely contact me!
Caleb Maru
Fundraising @ Children's Ground
"Ajay's course is clear, precise and to the point. After four sessions, I feel technologically competent around developers and can now build a website with No Code in less than an hour!"
Lily Wu
Head of Learning @ NewCampus
"Ajay has a personable way of communicating complex topics digestibly and easy to understand."
Chris Perry
CEO @ CommX
"Ajay is amazingly talented, with proven experience and many successful applications of his own ideas and business strategies at the highest levels of the business/startup world."


Who is Ajay?

Hi. My name is Ajay. I'm a generalist.

I have fought the urge and societal pressures to specialise for most of my life. I believe this has given me an edge in the industry. I can do most things when it comes to starting a business and this gives me a unique insight into starting a business because I don't just see it through a developer's, marketer's, salesman's or designer's perspective; I see it through all of them.

However, if you want some concrete facts - I'm a Forbes U30 entrepreneur who has raised $50M+ in venture capital and done millions in sales pipelines. My enterprise grade products have been used by large public companies in the APAC region and featured on all the publications you see below.I can help you build things quickly, test products and other skills to make you a better founder

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