Episode 2



In this episode, we dig deeper into Yohan’s entrepreneurial journey and how he first started developing websites as a teenager. We then move into how he has mastered the art of growth and now runs a growth consultancy where he deploys methods he has honed over years for other companies. Finally, we explore failures and how they can be a blessing in disguise in how they help you grow and mature as a founder.

Key Learnings and Topics:

- How to get into development and entrepreneurship for the first time

- Can you develop the skillset of entrepreneurship or is it something that you are born with?

- How to derisk your startup journey both from a monetary and time perspective. Can you sell this in an economical and scalable manner?

- How leadership can impact the success of the company and what being blindsided as a founding team can do to your company.

- What is product market fit and how this relates to your company more than you think.

- What is growth?

- Why has the field of growth become such as new up and coming field?

- How can someone get into the area of growth and make this their career?

- Getting a ‘zenkai boost’ from your failures and tribulations in your entrepreneurship journey and in life generally.

- Top tips from Yohan for starting a company

Important Links:

- Yohan’s personal background: www.yohandante.com
- Yohan’s first company: www.myedonline.com/
- Learning about Growth: brianbalfour.com/
- Shortcircuiting your Personal Growth: www.mjfitzpatrick.com/

About The Guest

Yohan Dante

Managing Director at Dante Property Group

Dante is a serial entrepreneur, building and selling companies. Dante was awarded Australian Anthill 30 under 30 Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012, Young Australian Innovator of the Year 2014, Young Social Pioneer 2016. Most recently, Dante with an amazing co-founder and team built www.myedonline.com from scratch from 0-200+ schools; helping these educational institutions all across Australia and the US transform from a one-size-fits all classroom towards a more self-driven, personalised project based learning model and was acquired by the largest Education Group in Australia with over 3000 schools in 2017.