Episode 4



Today we learn about how someone can learn how to code and get into the tech sphere when you may not have a technical background or degree. Vaibhav Namburi has started a development agency and became a well sort after developer when he graduated from a completely unrelated field. We also dig into his agency and how he was able to grow it so rapidly without just one short year.

Key Learnings:

- How can you find the shortest pathway for getting over the initial hump of learning code and make it much easier for yourself

- How Vaibhav was able to get his first software development job after self-learning coding after graduating from an unrelated field

- Why you should chase a good boss and not a good company

- How do you enable yourself to be able to learn on the job really quickly and rapidly

- Getting feedback on your code from external people using interesting tricks suggested by Vaibhav

- Making the leap from traditional employment to self-employment

- Why is Five2One named the way it is and the humble beginnings of the software product development shop

- We discuss our first sale stories as these are always really interesting and how they help us learn a lot about ourselves

- How to scale an efficient team for the long term and how it will make or break your company

- How Laddr is currently trying to revolutionise the ways that recruitment is being conducted for technical team members


- Vaibhav’s Development Agency: www.five2one.com.au/
- Laddr - Developer Portfolio: www.laddr.com/
- Vaibhav’s LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/vaibhavnamburi
- Built to Sell: amzn.to/31XRw1r
- Getting to Yes: amzn.to/31UebvD
- Split the Difference: amzn.to/321gddk
- How to Win Friends and Influence People: amzn.to/321gxsy

About The Guest

Vaibhav Namburi

Director at Five2One

I like buying coffees, leading passionate people and building great products - FAST. I'm recommended by C - Level Execs of Billion $ companies, I've been given prestigious awards and lost my hair in doing so. I started Five2One in May 2017 with $500 and grew it to 7 figures and 10 team members in 11 months & 28 days (the day I closed the deal that got us the 7 Fig mark) In this time we've been recognised as one of the best in Australia and have built 21 production grade applications for startups and corporates. I've worked with The UN, PwC, NewsCorp, Carsguide, IAG, WilliamHill, Maoneng, SocietyOne, UNSW and many other multi-(b)million dollar companies.

I have taught at 2 software bootcamps on how to build quality software products in various technologies and authored 3 courses on Udemy that gained nearly ~35,000 students online. I've spoken internationally and nationally at over 46 events from meetups to paid conferences. We've helped clients raise Millions in blockchain and worked with companies that are changing the world as we know it. During this time I learnt how important having a strong team (that aligns with you) is, how important it is to believe in yourself and to enjoy what you're doing. I still forget to put semi-colons and eat dessert before the main course. I'm now building what I've wanted to from the beginning - our own products

You'll often find me on stage sharing advice and tips on bootstrapping a B2B business to 10 people within a few months, to talks on AI's position in the future, the best software development and product growth tactics. I've been called a tech lead, CEO, CTO, coder, engineer, founder, leader, coffee buyer, non-sleeper and many other things -no one seems to realise i'm an excellent singer (😂) I can be your "thought leader" too, just beware that I think a lot about potatoes So, you've read this far ... coffee?