Episode 6



David Lu is the Co-Founder of Textbook Ventures, a non-profit organisation inspiring students to embrace entrepreneurship and be catalysts of change. In this episode, we learn about Venture Capital and how you can get into this field of work even without much experience at all. We go over what exactly David does and also his personal tips on how you can break into space whilst in University or still in the early stage of your career.

Key Topics and Learnings

  • We discuss David's journey into the Venture capital space and how his experiences have led him to where he is today
  • How university may not be exactly what you want to do but that's okay
  • What are some tips and tricks for people who are interested in Venture Capital
  • How to effectively find a mentor in the space that you are interested in
  • How the machine gun strategy for meeting people for opportunities just doesn't work. Doing things that don't scale.


About The Guest

David Lu

Partner at 256 Ventures

Partner @ 256 Ventures. Venture Partner @ Virgil Capital. Previously co-Founder @ Textbook Ventures. Interested in investing in the future with VC experience across the UK (Catapult), Hong Kong (Zeroth) and Singapore (Golden Gate Ventures). Exploring the intersection between venture capital and ICOs. Accidental academic dabbling in research around entrepreneurial ecosystems, startup roadmaps and early-stage fundraising. Published a paper on the "Regulation of Crypto Assets in Australia and the US", journal forthcoming. Occasional writer at Forbes, CoinDesk and Tech in Asia. Previously co-founded two social enterprises; an alternate credit rating system for refugees and a student-led microfinance consulting group. Currently in a state of globe-trotting. Once bearer of Green & Gold for the Australian Fencing Team 🤺