Episode 13



Today we dig into the world of remote working with Matt SD, the host of Remotise - a podcast aiming to get more people into the world of working remotely. Matt also has extensive marketing experience and has worked with some of the best youtubers around such as Jumpcut Studios (Simple Pickup), Engineered Truth, BuzzFeed and YOMYOMF.

Key Topics:

  • Why Vietnam is unique and why Matt is working from there right now
  • What it means to be a remote worker
  • How can you dive into remote work
  • What it was like working with some the best youtubers in the businesses
  • Whether university is a good investment and how you can go about building your skills if you decide to go into media

Key Resources:

About The Guest

Matt Tran

Founder & Host at Remotise

Matt has over 9+ years of experience in digital marketing successfully scaling and optimizing paid media campaigns of 5-6 figures/month budgets. He specializes in e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and digital product launches. Now he is the host of Remotise which is a podcast aimed at remote works who aren’t afraid to invest in their future. How people can keep improving, showcase their best work and get hired to live and work from anywhere in the world.