Episode 8



In this episode, we learn about starting a company as a university student and how it can be one of the best ways to supplement your education. We also dig into how Amir was able to grow from 0 to 100k users within a few months and very little budgets. Finally, we look at social media platforms and how they have changed and will continue to change over the next few years.

Key Learnings and Topics:

  • How did Amir come up with the idea of Timeweave (a scheduling application for university students that has over 100k users) 

  • Advice for student entrepreneurs who would like to start a company

  • The reason why starting a company in university can actually just be an amazing way to improve your skillsets as opposed to actually making riches

  • How university impacted our learning and growth both personally and academically. Did it help us in the workforce?

  • Balancing user growth over revenue. Should you focus on growing your user base rapidly or create a sustainable revenue source?

  • How did timeweave actually grow from 0 to 100k users in such a quick timespan?

  • Selling products or services using untraditional content marketing. How to create ads that are disguised and don’t come off as selling something to people.

  • The saturation of Facebook ads/posts and how to stand out from the crowds.

  • Our prediction of what is happening with Facebook and other social media platforms and how to make sure as business owners or marketers we can ensure we stay in the limelight.

  • How to resolve conflicts with your team and ensure that you can make arguments into constructive growth periods.

Key Links:

About The Guest

Amir Sirder

Founder at Timeweave

Timeweave is an app (Web, Android, iOS) for uni students that automatically imports your class schedule and is a platform where all your friends schedules are in one place. So you can easily organise meet ups and chat with people in your classes. Timeweave (v3) launched in S1, 2016 and gained 7,000 new users within the first week with a $0 marketing budget.

  • 16% MoM growth since launch
  • Currently 100,000+ monthly active users
  • Over 9 million timetables viewed to date
  • 55% of UNSW students using Timeweave (40% avg in Sydney)
  • 98% of users come from referral
  • Venture backed by H2 Ventures
  • Cofounder of YikYak (raised $72M) as Hands on Advisor

Amir worked on the following parts during the growth of the business, all whilst studying in university.

  • Designed the entire UI/UX of the application and all marketing material in Photoshop
  • Built a loyal community of followers utilising social media platforms to gain initial 14,000 users
  • Acquired 42,000 new users in the first 3 months of S1, 2017 by building an in app referral program
  • Achieved 500k+ app launches a week by implementing data driven prioritisation strategies for new features/bug fixes
  • These strategies were derived by consistently engaging with users + user testing to understand their behaviour and needs
  • Learnt the high-level technical architecture and development processes to communicate and empathise with technical cofounder effectively
  • Pitched and won $2000 from UNSW MVP grant; finalist for UNSW Peter Farrell Cup
  • UNSW Startup of the Year Finalist andReceived multiple investment offers