Episode 5

An Introvert's Guide to Networking and Finding a Mentor

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In this episode, I discuss the topic of networking and finding a mentor. I go through how originally I was very introverted and found it hard to meet new people and how I go about it now.

Key Learnings and Topics:

- What my journey was like through networking and how I went from a complete introvert to what I’m doing now
- What is networking and how do you approach it
- Inbound vs Outbound networking
- Strong ties vs Weak ties
- What is my definition of a mentor
- Do you need 1 or many mentors and what would you use a mentor for?
- How do you find a mentor?
- ACTIONABLE: Go ping 10-20 people in your industry on LinkedIn and try to get a coffee with them.

Key Resources:

- LinkedIn: Linkedin.com
- Ping me if you'd like! - www.linkedin.com/in/ajayprakash94/

Amazing Books for Networking:

- How to Win Friends and Influence People: amzn.to/2JmAVvZ
- Quiet Leadership: amzn.to/2JiFck4