Episode 12

Battling discrimination through fashion and music

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Today, I chat to Harmony 'Anne-Marie' Ilunga, a refugee who came to Hong Kong in 2011 and someone who has faced discrimination in her line of work as a model. To fight this discrimination and celebrate what makes people difference - she formed Harmony HK. Now she uses fashion and music as a way for people to celebrate diversity and ensure that no one else has to face what she went through.

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Harmony "Anne-Marie" Ilunga

Founder & CEO

Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Harmony “Anne-Marie” Ilunga moved to Hong Kong in 2011 as a refugee. As a model, Harmony quickly identified discrimination toward people of colour. Her experience drove her to establish ‘Harmony HK’, a refugee-curated social enterprise. Together with her team, they work to raise awareness of the ways people can improve the livelihoods of refugees and ethnic minorities in Hong Kong by celebrating diversity through fashion and music.