Episode 9

The Power of Being Lost & Cultivating a Mission Statement

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In this episode, we dive into the life of Vikram Bharati, the founder of Tribe Theory. We learn about how the company came to be and Vikram’s personal journey and growth. The discussions get a little philosophical as we dive into what it means to be lost and cultivating your personal mission statement. 

Key Topics and Learnings



Vikram Bharati

Founder at Tribe Theory

Vikram is the founder of Tribe Theory, a successful global chain of business hostels for entrepreneurs and young startups alike. Before creating Tribe Theory, Vikram started his career in the financial services industry where he began as an analyst working his way to the vice president of JPMorgan for the better part of a decade. This financial professional turned nomadic entrepreneur has also travelled over 50 countries helping build several startups and also co-founding startups across the globe. He also has experience in the venture capital realm, having worked as the head of venture capital investments for REAPRA where he worked on VC investment opportunities across Asia. Forming the basis of his strong financial background, Vikram completed his bachelor's degree specialising in business administration and finance at the University of California, Riverside, then completing his MBA at the University of Southern California.