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Blockchain Products

I've created blockchain-based software for Fortune 500 companies, government organisations and large corporate entities all across APAC. I can work with you on development, architecture and growth of a blockchain product. This can include whitepapers, product scopes, finding the right team to build the products and more.

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Blockchain Products


A trade mapping software used by DBS, Trafigura for optimising, tracking and analysing international trade by using a blockchain communication/storage layer.

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Follow Our Fibre

An end to end traceability application that tracks the story of Viscose production from the nursery all the way to the final bale product. Each bale is tokenised and stored on Ethereum for radical transparency.

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Incoterms Smart Contract Suite

A smart contract suite built on Wavelet and Ethereum that encodes the 2020 Incoterms on to smart contracts for the trust-less and immutable transfer of liabilities from seller to buyer.

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Lens: Wavelet Block Explorer

A modern, sleek block explorer for Wavelet - a blockchain built using a probabilistic consensus mechanism.

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Blockchain Whitepapers (Private)

On-chain Document Digitisation

A protocol for transforming documents from physical to digital (to be used for Bill of Ladings and other title deeds) using proxy re-encryption.

Clarity - Process Transparency

A protocol for transforming manufacturing processes and supply chains into the tokenised entities for tracking, analytics and secure sharing.

Blockchain Carbon Tracking

An audit protocol for tracking the amount of carbon produced by a company and a simple exchange infrastructure for trading carbon credits between companies.

Blockchain eBank Guarantees

A product architecture for bank guarantees on the blockchain. This would involve creating a digital wallet for storing BGs and deriving analytics from it.

Blockchain IOBP App Builder

A protocol for developing Interorganisational business processes into blockchain applications with ease. A modified BPMN language was derived to facilitate the quick/easy development.

Quantum DAO

A decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) that was built for choosing and supporting quantum research projects and companies. The architecture could be extended to other two-tier decision making DAOs.

"I work with leading organisations to build world-class products that scale. My speciality is building decentralised applications that are easy to use and scale.

If your company is looking for a blockchain or distributed systems solution but aren't sure how to proceed then let's have a chat. I've helped architect solutions for many companies across the globe."

Work with me

Make sure your product is ready for the world stage and using blockchain to it's full potential. If you're struggling with designing a protocol or application that involves the benefits of a blockchain. Get in touch and I can help you design a robust, battle-tested product that is ready for enterprises and consumers alike.

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